Django MCQ

Django MCQ

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  • 01st Feb, 2023

Django is a high-level most popular Python web framework, specially designed for the rapid development of secure and maintainable websites. It is written in Python programming language & initially released on 21 July 2005. Django follows the MVT (Model-View-Template) architectural pattern and provides a full-stack solution, including an Object-Relational Manager (ORM). It aims to simplify the creation of complex, database-driven websites and its design emphasizes the reusability and "pluggability" of components.

Finally, practice here the top Django MCQ Questions that check your basic knowledge of the Django framework. This Django MCQ Test contains 20 Multiple Choice Questions. also download here Django MCQ PDF completely free.

Django MCQ Test to Test Your Knowledge

1) What is a Django App?

  • A. Django app is an extended package with base package is Django
  • B.Django app is a python package with its own components.
  • C.Both 1 & 2 Option
  • D.All of the above

2) Django was introduced by ...................

  • A. Adrian Holovaty
  • B.Bill Gates
  • C.Rasmus Lerdorf
  • D.Tim Berners-Lee

3) What are Migrations in Django?

  • A. They are files saved in migrations directory.
  • B.They are created when you run makemigrations command.
  • C.Migrations are files where Django stores changes to your models.
  • D.All of the above

4) which of these is not a valid backend for caching in django?

  • A. django.core.cache.backends.sys.memory
  • B.django.core.cache.backends.db.DatabaseCache
  • C.django.core.cache.backends.locmem.LocMemCache
  • D.None of the above

5) Which architectural pattern does django follow?

  • A. PHP
  • B.MVT
  • C.HTML
  • D.None of the above
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6) Can I use Django offline?

  • A. Yes
  • B.No

7) Django is based on which framework?

  • A. MVC
  • B.MVVM
  • C.MVT
  • D.None of the above

8) What does {{ name }} this mean in Django Templates?

  • A. {{ name }} will be the output.
  • B.It will be displayed as name in HTML.
  • C.The name will be replaced with values of Python variable.
  • D.None of the above

9) Which of these variables are the settings for django.contib.staticfiles app?

  • D.All of the above

10) Which of the following is a valid forloop attributes of Django Template System?

  • A. forloop.reverse
  • B.forloop.firstitem
  • C.forloop.counter0
  • D.forloop.lastitem

11) Which of the following is the Django shortcut method to more easily render an html response?

  • A. render
  • B.response_render
  • C.render_to_response
  • D.render_to_html

12) What are the features of Django web framework?

  • A. Templating
  • B.Form handling
  • C.Admin Interface (CRUD)
  • D.All of the above

13) Which Command is used to create a project in Django?

  • A. Project
  • B.manage.py
  • C._init_.py
  • D.All of the above

14) What is the Django command to view a database schema of an existing (or legacy) database?

  • A. manage.py inspect
  • B.manage.py legacydb
  • C.manage.py inspectdb
  • D.None of the above

15) What does the architecture of Django consist of?

  • A. Views
  • B.Models
  • C.Templates
  • D.All of the above

16) What are the Advantages of Django?

  • A. It supports Multilingual
  • B.It supports the framework
  • C.Administration GUI
  • D.All of the above

17) Django was designed to help developers take applications from concept to completion as quickly as possible.

  • A. True
  • B.False

18) django is written in which language?

  • A. PHP
  • B.Python
  • C.Java
  • D.Perl

19) Django is a type of

  • A. Programming Language
  • B.Software
  • C.Web framework
  • D.None of above

20) Django was initially released in ..................

  • A. July 2005
  • B.July 2006
  • C.June 2005
  • D.None of above

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