How to crack WPF Interview


Posted On: Nov 29, 2022

How to crack WPF Interview


Microsoft and Windows are having their own reputation in the market. We are not here to talk about these two topics instead we will discuss cracking the interview for big companies. If you are a software engineer then you will be aware of the WPF presentation and its importance. There may be some candidates who are fresher in this field and want to give a kick-start to their career. For fresher aspirants, the battle of a job is more difficult, if you want a good salary package. So, today we are going to have deep thought over the preparation for the WPF interview.

About WPF

WPF refers to the Windows Presentation Foundation, for application developers WPF has proved to be very helpful. It is basically a User interface for desktop applications and boosts the development of UI, animation, and so on. Graphics can easily be controlled by the help of WPF and it also gives acceleration to the hardware. The requirement of WPF can be defined by the formula of ABCDEFG which refers to the Anywhere execution, Bindings, Common look, and feel Declarative programming (XAML), Expression blend animation, Fast execution (hardware acceleration), Graphics hardware independence. In short, it is a graphical system that is used for the display of UI, images, movies, and documents.


Topics you need to learn out WPF

Whenever we go for an interview there are certain topics that are mostly asked by the interviewers. In the case of your first interview, you should give a thorough study of the WPF interview questions so that you will get to know the pattern. In this question guide, multiple questions and answers are given for the preparation of candidates. Now, let us have a look over the most asked questions in the WPF interview.

  • Content alignment in the WPF
  • Resources in WPF
  • Types of resources and explanation
  • Value converter
  • About MVVM (Model View ViewModel)
  • Advantages of MVVM
  • I command and command design pattern
  • Data binding concept
  • Working of binding
  • Trigger and types of triggers
  • Prism
  • Difference between MVC, MVP, and MVVM
  • Different templates
  • Layout panels
  • Routed events and its types
  • About XAML and its types

These are the few topics that you must prepare before going for the interview. You may be very well aware of most of the above topics while some of them may sound new. In such conditions, you can refer to the above guide or can take references from your study material.

Final words

All those aspirants who are eager to get selected by big MNC companies and are preparing for WPF interviews for them, this article is going to be helpful. There is a best interview preparation app for Software engineers and designers where you can get through multiple interview questions on different technical and non-technical topics. One should definitely have this app with them for better preparation, more knowledge, and the high chance of selection. This app also facilitates the service of giving mocks on multiple topics without any charges. You can simply enhance your knowledge and skills without paying a buck.

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