How to crack technical interview for freshers


Posted On: Jun 02, 2020

How to crack technical interview for freshers


After completing education most of us get campus placement while some of the students look for off-campus placement. No matter whichever type of job you are looking for, this is the right place for you. Being a fresher with almost no experience is a challenging task. It is quite hard for a fresher to qualify an interview of the top multinational company if in case you are looking for a handsome salary package and a good job then it is necessary for you to prepare well for the coming interview. All those candidates who had recently applied for an interview for them we have here brought a small guide on preparation, it will help you in boosting your morale and performing well in the interview.

How to do preparations

It is one of the most asked questions especially by freshers as to how they should prepare and perform during the interview. There are various websites and applications which can help you a lot in the preparation. For more knowledge and better understanding, you can refer to the best interview questions online. This will help you in memorizing all the necessary topics and learning about a lot of new things related to the interview. There are certain tips that you can follow to crack your interview.

  • Study all the important topics from your course.
  • Apply for such designations in which you are well skilled.
  • Prepare yourself with some points which make you more eligible for the applied job.
  • Try to give as many as mocks you can, as this increases your knowledge and prepares you mentally.
  • Get yourself ready to face any kind of questions either practical or theoretical.
  • Start preparing for your interview at least a week before. Learn all good etiquettes required in front of the interviewer.

Some Dos and Don'ts at the time of the interview

There are a few things that every candidate should keep in mind. As you are going to a big company, your body language and dressing speaks more about you. Here, we are going to list down few points which every aspirant should follow


  • Get ready in the formals only and remember the first impression is the last impression
  • Greet all the interviewers sitting in the room.
  • Before sitting, ask "May I sit".
  • Avoid talking unnecessary things and answer every question straight to the point.
  • Make eye contact with the interviewer.


  • While discussing with the interviewer don't look here and there.
  • Keep your tone polite even if you are not in favor of the asked question.
  • Don't portray anything negatively.

Final words,

These are a few things that every aspirant should follow before going to the interview. If you are looking for the study material then you can go for the most downloaded interview mocks app which will solve all your queries in a jiffy. You can also give free mocks on the app and can prepare for various topics like Java, jquery,, Oracle, PHP, python, angular js, C, C++, and much more.

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