Laravel Vs Symfony PHP Framework


Posted On: Mar 06, 2023

Laravel Vs Symfony PHP Framework


Laravel and Symfony PHP Framework both provide object-relational mapping (ORM) for data access. There are a number of differences between the Laravel and Symfony PHP frameworks.

Laravel PHP Framework

Today Laravel has been distinguished as the ideal PHP-based system, which helps in making extraordinary customized web applications. It pursues the Model View Controller (MVC) architectural design. What's interesting to note is that although Laravel was initiated in 2011, it has succeeded in outshining its competitors such as Symfony or CakePHP and as such, it tops the list of best PHP-based frameworks in 2022.

Laravel has come into actuality including various Symfony components and subsequently takes plenty of its benefits. While Laravel works to keep the style, it also keeps things controllable by using a well-built and reliable Symfony backbone to permit an absolutely new way to program within its own MVC context.

Laravel does a high-grade task of impressive structure if we match it with CodeIgniter. Furthermore, it drops the architecture free for 3rd party plug-ins instead of supporting a more stable plugin structure. While in most cases it's much simpler to re-use an existing part, relying solely on third-party libraries can slowly cause you maintenance problems due to which bigger Symfony projects can convert clunky.

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Laravel, as the front-end PHP structure is the best one to use as it needn't bother with the use of complex information store highlights. At the point when it is to web application development, Laravel developers get a helpful method to make and execute APIs and to set up directing.

Reasons why to use Laravel

Below are some points why you should use the Laravel Php framework:

  • Security: It provides you with a few essential things that make your application secure. Laravel uses the salted hashed password which means it never saves the password in plain text in the database.
  • Modular: The framework of Laravel is designed on 20+ distinctive Object Oriented libraries, which are not present in any other PHP framework like Symfony, Zend Framework 2, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Phalcon.
  • Unit-Testing: One more reason why Laravel is exceptionally well-known among designers and programmers. It provides facilities for Unit Testing and ensures that the new updates done by designers do not break anything in the application during the different tests.
  • Built-In Tools: This wonderful PHP framework comes with plenty of built-in resources that are not obtainable on other trendy PHP frameworks. Some of these resources include verification, caching routing, and so on.
  • Supports MVC Architecture: Keep in mind that transparency between business logic and presentation in development is vital. Laravel is based on MVC architecture and has a lot of built-in functions; MVC (model-view-controller) boosts performance and gives better certification. This architecture helps in better documentation, and improving performance, and has many built-in functions.

Symfony PHP Framework

'Symfony' is one of the excellent frameworks that witness the latest innovation. This web application framework becomes a hot choice for all web developers since its inception. Written in PHP Programming language, It has a flexible architecture, which is an amazing quality of this framework.

Being an amazing web application framework, it follows the model-view-controller (MVC) paradigm that works with the aim of creating robust applications in an enterprise context. In addition, the best thing about this framework is it allows developers to give full control over the configuration from the foreign libraries to the directory structure to do full customization.

The upgraded version of the Symfony framework enables clients to avail of the profit to the best. It not only builds a great web application but also facilitates customization. Integrating the best practices of the global world, Symfony is accepted widely by users.

To develop robust web applications, you should surely opt for a Symfony developer from the PHP programmers community if you really want to get the best out of your efforts.

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Top reasons why to use Symfony

Some features of our ideas that make Symfony unique and attractive:

  • Faster and safer: There is hardly ever any security-related issue in the upgraded Symfony version to build the PHP framework. The upgraded version of Symfony is fairly faster than the previous one as it incorporates better facilities along with smooth functioning. The level of efficiency is measured in terms of performance. Idea of Symfony is the most excellent at the functional, business, tactical, and technical levels.
  • Easy to operate: Basic, as well as the higher users, can happily operate the Symfony framework owing to its easy usability features. It satisfies the requirements of all kinds of clients in a short span of time. Guided documents, and professional support, and helped assist beginners and basic users to use the framework in a better way to boost their performance and learn more.
  • Better usages and quick development: In the competitive environment, you require something additional comfortable and an easy working mechanism to close your work timely. In this reference, the Symfony PHP framework is a highly-functional environment.
  • Stable and sustainable: In the dynamic environment, our Symfony PHP framework is a stable and sustainable design that guarantees the console journey of developing every web-based application. Its fine usage not only increases the efficiency level but also allows developers to focus on the core areas and work according to desires and require a longer time. The more you use Symfony, the more you will get the output. Irrespective of the time and usage, the Symfony PHP framework supports application development for around 3 years, not including any interruption.
  • Expansion features: When we talk about core subjects of the web application, we basically mean the Symfony PHP framework for each web application. Complete integration of a variety of facilities is available for multiple uses for different projects. It facilitates the contribution or reusing of the same idea on dissimilar platforms without breaking the integrity.

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