What is full form of MLA

The full form of MLA is Member of the Legislative Assembly.

Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) also known as Member of the Legislature is a representative elected by the people to the legislative assembly of a sub-national jurisdiction.

Frequently Asked Questions On MLA.

1. What are the criteria to become an MLA in India?

Criteria for becoming an MLA in India are:

  • The candidate must be a citizen of India.
  • He/she must be 25 years or above.
  • He/she must be the elector for any constituency in the State he/she is representing.
  • The candidate must not hold any office of interest under Indian Governance.

2. What are the roles and responsibilities of an MLA?

The MLA has to perform certain roles:

  • 1. As a Legislator, he has to understand the existing laws and accordingly plan new laws.
  • 2. As a representative, he has to represent the viewpoints of his people and also provide assistance in problem-solving.
  • 3. As the member of an elected party caucus, he/she has to be involved in meeting planning and making strategies. Also supporting the party meeting and its decisions.
  • 4. Depending on the political party's fortune he/she may serve as Cabinet ministers as well.

3. What is the difference between MLA and MLC?

Difference between MLA and MLC

MLA stands for Members of the legislative assembly.MLC stands for Members of the Legislative Council.
MLAs are elected by the common mass.MLCs are elected by restricted people like teachers and lawyers.
MLAs can propose money bills.MLCs cannot propose such bills.
MLAs can participate in a vote of confidence.MLCs do not have such power.
Ministers in a government at State level are mostly MLAs.MLCs get the chance to become ministers.

4. What powers are given to an MLA in India?

The powers given to the MLAs are:

  • 1. Legislative Powers: The MLA's primary focus is law-making
  • 2. Financial Powers: The MLA gives the consent for any sort of expenses from State Treasury.
  • 3. Executive Powers: The MLA controls the action of the Chief Ministers and the Council of Ministers.
  • 4. Electoral Powers: The MLA elects the members of the Rajya Sabha, the Deputy Speaker and many more.
  • 5. Constituent and Miscellaneous Powers.

5. What is the monthly salary of an MLA in India?

The monthly salary of an MLA in India is between 1 to 1.5 lakhs.

6. How many MLA seats are available in India?

There are 4120 MLA seats in 31 State Legislative Assemblies including Delhi and Puducherry.

7. What is the minimum age to become an MLA in India?

For becoming an MLA the candidate should be 25 years or above as mentioned in Article 173(b).

8. How many MLA members are in Delhi?

There are 70 MLA members in Delhi and most of them belong to the AAM AADMI PARTY and the rest to BHARTIYA JANATA PARTY.

9. Who was the longest-serving MLA in India?

The former CM and reformist of Tamil Nadu, MK Karunanidhi has been the longest-serving MLA in India. He had been elected as an MLA in 1957 and for 13 years he continued to be the MLA.

MLA Full Form in Other Languages

MLA ka full formMLA ka full form Member of the Legislative Assembly Hota hai.
MLA full form in hindiMLA ka hindi me Full Form Vidhan Shabha ke Sadasya (Vidhayak) hota hai.