Installing and configuring Angular 5 project

Requirements To install Angular 5 In order to install and run Angular 5 CLI Version, you have to install following [..]

Top 10 Ways to Improve Your Search Engine Ranking on Google

Improving Your Site’s Placement on Google’s Search Engine Results Google ranks a page according to a large number of factors. [..]

Laravel 5 interview questions

Installation questions List Server Requirements for installing Laravel 5.5 How many way you can install laravel ? List them ? [..]

List Types of association supported by CakePHP?

There are four association supported by CakePHP they are: hasOne:One to One Relationship hasMany:One to many Relationship belongsTo:Many to One [..]

How to Create a Model In Backbone js?

Creating a Model in Backbone Js Person = Backbone.Model.extend({ initialize: function(){ alert(“Welcome to Backbone Js”); } }); var person = [..]

What is Collection in Backbone?

Collection is a set of models which binds events when the model has been modified in the collection. Collection contains [..]

What is Router in Backbone? How do you create a Router with Backbone?

Backbone Router is used for routing client-side applications and connects them to actions and events using URLs. Backbone.Router is used [..]

How are models attributes stored in Backbone.js?

In Backbone.js models attributes stored in hash.

How to access a models data from a view in Backbone.js?

In order to access a models data from a view in backbone.js you have to initialize your Model : var [..]

Explain what is ModelBinder in Backbone.js?

ModelBinder is a class in Backbone.js to bind backbone model attributes to: Read-only html elements such as <span>, <div> etc. [..]