Laravel Latest Questions

What is Laravel? How do I install Laravel, talk about the different ways? What is MVC architecture? What is a [..]

What does printf does ?

The printf is a library function that prints output. requires the \n newline character, even separately like printf(“\n”);. The first [..]

Explain main function in C ?

Main Function is the function where every C program begins executing. it will usually call other functions to help perform [..]

What is NULL pointer?

NULL is used to indicate that the pointer doesn’t point to a valid location. Ideally, we should initialize pointers as [..]

What are different storage class specifiers in C

auto, register, static, extern are storage class specifiers in C

What are bit fields in C ?

Bit fields are used to store multiple, logical, neighboring bits, where each of the sets of bits and single bits [..]

Compare array data type to pointer data type

Array is a collection of variables of same type that are referred through a common name and a pointer is [..]

Explain continue keyword in C

Continue is a jump statement that transfers control back to the beginning of the loop, bypassing any statements that are [..]

Explain about block scope in C ?

A block is defined as a sequence of statements enclosed between curly braces, { and }. In other words, a [..]

What is typecasting?

Typecasting is a way to convert a variable/constant from one type to another data type.